Queen Anne Chic Collection

Producing the Queen Anne Chic Collection

In the late 1800s the Queen Anne architecture style became popular. Her name connoted a sense of Old World elegance and extravagant ornate details, in particular the rather beautiful scallop shell motif.  As a centuries-old symbol of welcome and of lodging and food, the scallop shell has been incorporated as a popular motif in art, religion, textiles, architecture, furniture, dinnerware and the decoration of elegant houses.

This was to be the starting point for my featured pieces having been invited to participate in the Hidden Art Curated Design Fair at Trereife House in 2009.  The style I chose was Shabby Chic, the rejection of the new and shinny in favour of the battered and antique, something which is fundamentally English yet, welcoming and rich. My work often enjoys a link with a celebration of time having passed.

Trereife House, Newlyn, is a most elegant English style ancestral home, one that reflected the age of Queen Anne the first sovereign to hold the Crowns of the newly united Scotland and England (Great Britain) whilst being Queen of Ireland and the title Queen of France.

My Queen Anne Chic Collection has continues to represent not only Trereife House and the locality where the clay is dug and the shells collected from Newlyn fishermen, but it also symbolises the feminine principle of being protective and nurturing, while inwardly representing the life force.